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creative campaigns

Conceptualised and directed all brand campaigns for Astley Clarke and the creation of all marketing assets for gold vermeil and diamond collections, ensuring Astley Clarke maintains the position of a design-led jewellery brand.


Art Direction, Print, Digital, Omni-channel, Product Direction & Design


Astley Clarke

AC Ottima Model0468 why not.jpg


colour with attitude

AC Ottima 04227019.jpg
AC Ottima 04227043.jpg


aura of brilliance

AC Halo Model0513b1.jpg


Halos are crowns; they are kaleidoscopes of light that surround a celestial body,

or symbols of angelic goodness.

Set in 14-ct recycled yellow gold, the stones refract each other’s light creating an aura of brilliance.

As circles are a symbol of eternity and diamonds the ultimate expression of love, the Halo ring is the perfect engagement design for a modern bride.

Or maybe it is given as a gift, to oneself, because why not.


elevate the everyday

There is beauty in movement. In the sparkle of a star, the shimmer of light on skin, or simply the twirl of dust motes glimmering in a sunbeam. With its kinetic pieces set with a jumble of diamonds, Asteri is a fine jewellery expression of these moments of motion; the moments when things come to life.

AC Asteri Still3028 (1).jpg
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