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sophie hulme:
charms, hardware & jewellery

Designed and developed the charms and hardware for Sophie Hulme bags and accessories championing the founder's playful vision.

Responsible for launching and creating the blueprint for the launch of Sophie Hulme jewellery and charm division and leading the entire design process, from concept to production, direction for creative including, imagery, packaging & VM.


Product Marketing, Product Design & Direction, Creative Direction, Market Analysis, NPD


Sophie Hulme

  • Responsible for finding delight in the ordinary and reimagining in metal for the brand's signature playful hardware and jewels.

  • Taking inspiration from the Chatelain, everday objects and seeking to use them in inventive out-of-context ways to develop new fastenings as seen in the Cocktail Stirrer bag.  

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the extraordinary

Bringing to life the everyday in extraordinary ways in a playful, humorous manner through wearble pieces.

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