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dove 'cost of beauty'

Diving into the Dove Self Esteem Project (DSEP), the film 'Cost of Beauty' becomes a powerful voice, delving into the profound impact of social media on the appearance-related mental health of the youth.

The campaign film and footage, skillfully shot by Ogilvy, underwent a creative transformation under my direction to align seamlessly with Dove's global social campaign strategy. Adding an interactive layer, the campaign extended to 'townhall events' in both the US and UK, featuring the charismatic Lizzo and performances from Self-Esteem. These live-streamed events pulsated across Dove's digital channels, weaving a narrative that echoed through owned organic and paid media. The result? A surge in awareness, heightened engagement, and a flourishing follower base.

Across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, the combined organic performance was nothing short of remarkable—crowning the campaign with approximately 75k new followers, a staggering 44.5 million video views (courtesy of TikTok), 9.7 million impressions, 621k engagements, and an impressive average 4% engagement rate.

Watch the film here.

Please note the film contains sensitive content.


Creative + Art Direction for social

Social Strategy


Dove US & UK

example content from the social campaign 'cost of beauty'

pre campaign cost of beauty dove.jpg
pre-launch examples 
Cost of Beauty background.jpg
'cost of beauty' campaign film

contains sensitive content

IG carousel cost of beauty dove.jpg
examples of organic content following the film launch
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