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perfume design

Navigating the aromatic journey, I orchestrated the end-to-end creation of three exquisite perfumes for Lark & Berry, delivering a comprehensive full-service experience. From inception to the final product, my hands-on approach ensured a seamless and unified process.

Delving into the brand's soul, target audience, and market stance, I sculpted unique fragrance concepts that transcend the ordinary. These concepts manifested into intricate bottle designs, captivating carton packaging, and bespoke charms—each adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the olfactory experience.

Simultaneously, I curated the visual identity of these perfumes, not merely capturing aesthetics but intricately designing campaign shots. These are visual narratives meticulously crafted to stir emotions and unfold a story, inviting consumers into the very essence of each perfume.


Full service inc. production

Creative + Art Direction

Packaging design


Lark & Berry

perfume figuresAlchemy_edited.jpg
alchemy no 3 lark and berry perfume packaging.webp
perfume white dawn lark and berry packag
white dawn-JPEG.jpg
perfume figuresMidnight_edited.jpg
midnight garden-JPEG.jpg
Perfume alternative 1-JPEG.jpg
perfume figuresMidnight_edited.jpg
perfume figures01116.jpg
perfume figures01109_edited.jpg

campaign imagery

perfume figures01093_1.jpg
perfume figures01090.jpg
perfume figures01149.jpg
perfume figures01146_1.jpg
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