The Katie Rowland woman knows what she wants and how to get it. Strong and assertive, she is the femme fatale, the right hand woman – she buys her own equivalent engagement ring and wears it on her right hand. What makes Katie Rowland pieces so tantalising to own, wear and collect are the collections of intricate, yet fierce pieces which use the most opulent precious stones and metals, combined with a dose of dangerous femme fatale seductiveness.


Rowland’s degree in Graphic Design has given her the competitive advantage. Her knowledge of digital, visual and printed media and her attention to detail and style is vast. Possessing the skills required in today’s fast paced world, her understanding of communication and the power of the brand, combined with her passion and ambition for commercial, luxury adornment for women, have forged her a successful career in the luxury industries.

Rowland went on to study jewellery at London’s Central St Martin’s before launching her own eponymous label in 2011. In just four short years, she has taken the world by storm stocking the likes of the Harvey Nichols Group, The Shop at Bluebird and United Arrows to name but a few. Rowland is the creative, driving force and decision maker behind the brand, ‘Katie Rowland.’






Katie Rowland Copyright 2016

Katie Rowland Copyright 2016